About Us

Hello all visitor, My name is Indianook.

I am 25 year old boy and i just completed my mcom from delhi university. My aim is to do something new in the new technology world.

And because i hava a great knowledge in provide some best to other, so I decided to write blogs on best laptop, mobile and other gadgets.

For my blog i buy premium hosting and .com extension domain from godaddy source.

I registerd my domain on April 2019 And start provide my new ideas through writing post on my blog whos aslo known as Indianook.com

I promise all my visitor that on this blog you will always get best idea according me to about all latest gadgets.

I sometime you think i should provide details or comparrison on any unique gadgets you can simple commnet us with your topic and we will also try to write post according to your query as soon as possible.

For any other help or suggestion you can email us :- Indianook2019@gmail.com